Americanism is an unwavering loyalty to the United States of America.  Americanism is a devotion to the flag, traditions, customs, culture, symbols, institutions, and our form of government of the United States.  It is love for the United States of America.  Americanism is in all we do and are as a nation.  It is in knowing the powerful message that our flag, our national anthem, and our history have to teach us about who we are as a nation.  Americanism is the understanding of citizenship and the determination to be a great citizen.

As an American, there are basics you should know.  Our most treasured documents should be known to all Americans.  The fundamental truth and concepts behind them are powerful.  Americans fight, die, are imprisoned, tortured, and envied for the ideals and principles which the founding people of our great nation gave course and cause.  We shall continue this course, and shall never forget the sacrifices that were for the sake of our nation.  Struggle is inevitable, freedom has never been free, only a reward of our ideals and those who oppose oppression on behalf of our nation, The United States of America.

What is wrong with these two photographs?  Must be Veterans...  Standing when a flag passes shows your deep respect for the sacrifices that have been made and our resolve as a nation.
Even though she was born in France she will always be our Lady...  Our Lady Liberty.
Never forget the sacrifices of those which gave all to protect the freedoms and ideals which define our nation.

American Legion

Still Serving...