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Your contributions help The American Legion "U.S.S. Tampa" Post 5 family in community project and programs.  We have several events and programs that need support.  Several events through the year that assist in raising funds.  Showing your support at our events as donors or volunteers shows your support to veterans and your community.

Click here to learn about the programs and events are supported by the American Legion "U.S.S. Tampa" Post 5 family.

How to contribute:
Volunteering at our events.  Upcoming events are posted on our website, please check them and contact us.  Also, we have silent auctions and if you have a quality item you wish to contribute, please contact us with details.  


Contributions can be sent to:
  Attn: Brian Fuerst, S.A.L. Adjutant
  The American Legion "U.S.S.Tampa" Post 5
  3810 West Kennedy Boulevard
  Tampa, Florida  33609


PayPal contributions are also available.  Please use the links below to contribute using your Credit Card.  We offer one time contributions, as well as monthly and yearly automatic contribution options for convenience.  Please, remember that any amount makes a difference and goes directly to support our programs and events.  Thank you for your interest and support.

Contribution Options - Monthly
Contribution Options - Yearly

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