Hall Rental Photos
Undecorated and undressed photos of the hall.
Main hall view from the main entranceway.  Wood dance floor, banquet chairs, disco ball, round tables, main stage steps on both side, and high ceilings are visible.  Stage is great for a head table, D.J. area, or speaker platform.
Main hall entranceway.  Make an entrance at your event, let the drapes down and be announced into the main room.
Main hall view from the stage.  Make an entrance coming into the door to the left from outside.  Drop the drapes and enter the through the main center entrance.  On the right the Auxiliary room is to the right with a sliding wall to close it off.  To the left is the kitchen, with a pass through window for kitchen or bar service.
The Kitchen.  Door to the main hall, 4 foot by 4 foot cooler, ice cooler, and  microwave are for use by our rentals.
The Kitchen.  The sink, stainless steel preparation areas, stove, and oven for reheating.  This door allows you to go to the Auxiliary room to set-up food and drinks without going into the main hall.
The Auxiliary room.  A room adjacent to the main hall features a door in the back leading into the main entranceway and to the kitchen.  Sliding doors close it off to the main hall.  A great room for food and drink service as traffic can continually flow through.  Note:  An additional one time fee is added for use of this room.
The Stage.  The stage has steps on either side.  The white lattice can be decorated or left alone.  The stage is great for a head table, a D.J., a speaker, or a ceremony to take place. 
Restrooms.  We have restrooms for Men and Women both of which are multi-user.  They are located down the main entranceway from the main hall which is gives the user a nice reprieve from the event.  It also keeps lines out of the main hall and is less of a distraction from your event.
The Awning.  This is located on the side of the building.  Makes a great entrance or exit as the does the main entranceway.  

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