Hall Rental Rules
Please understand that we want to make this rental 
function as enjoyable and safe for everyone involved.
By renting our hall, you or your organization are:
  • Assuming all liability and responsibility for any damages to premises, contents, and surrounding areas.
  • Assuming all liability and responsibility for any and all infractions or actions during the rental period.

  • No smoking allowed in the building.
  • No alcoholic beverage in a marked container is allowed to be consumed outside the confines of the building.
  • Alcoholic beverages may be brought, served, and consumed inside the hall.  However, it is not permitted to sell alcoholic beverages on the premises.
  • An administrator will make periodic inspections of the hall and parking lot.
  • No behavior or party activity that would reflect negatively on the American Legion.
  • Teenage parties must have a Tampa Police Officer (off duty) for security. This must be paid for in advance when the deposit is taken.
  • No rave parties or unsupervised teenage parties are allowed.

  • Free standing decorations that do not attach to walls, fixtures, ceiling, fans, or doors are permitted.
  • The renter is not allowed to uses nails, packing tape, duct tape, or push pins to hang decorations.
  • Nothing is allowed to hang from the fans or ceiling, such as balloons and streamers.
  • No lighted materials are allowed in the building, such as candles and fireworks.  Battery powered or electric candles are permitted.

  • 175 people is the maximum capacity per the Fire Marshall.

  • The kitchen stove and oven may be used for warming only, no cooking or frying of foods is permitted.
  • The microwave, ice machine, large sliding glass door refrigerator, oven, stove, sink, and large counter are available for use.
  • There is a service window between the kitchen and hall.

  • No ceremonies or rituals are permitted on Cemetery grounds without prior permission.
  • No disrespectful activities are permitted on the Cemetery grounds.

  • Parking in permitted areas and not use local businesses parking lots during the times of rental period.
  • The front gates will open two hours prior to an event.
  • During an event, the front gates must remain open.
  • Gates will be closed and locked after the last vehicle leaves.

  • During the rental, all doors must be unlocked.
  • During the rental, no doors can be blocked.

Follow the Law:
  • Must abide by the Florida State Alcoholic Beverage & Firearms Division regulations.
  • No illegal drug use or underage drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted on the legion property (including the cemetery).
  • No illegal activities are permitted.

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