Hall Information
Main Hall:
  • 175 persons maximum capacity.
  • Approximately 2,230 square feet (59 feet by 37.75 feet).
  • High ceiling makes for a great music experience, speeches, and helps dissipate conversational levels or more interactive events.
  • The main entranceway is about 5.7 feet across and has a curtain to help make a dramatic entrance.  

Auxiliary Room:
  • Small room with sliding wall, great for setting food for large events.  Keeps people moving through the area.
  • Approximately 343 square feet (22 feet by 15.6 feet).

Dance Floor:
  • Wooden dance floor runs from the front of the stage to the end of the main hall.
  • Approximately 1,140 square feet (51 feet by 22.4 feet).

  • The stage is approximately 1.5 feet high with stairway entrances on either side.  Great for head tables, D.J.'s, speakers, or presentations.  
  • Approximately 130 square feet (16.2 feet by 8 feet).

Tables and Chairs:
  • Beautiful and comfortable banquet chairs with 2.5 inches of cushion.  We have 150 of these chairs and if more are needed we have plenty more folding chairs to accommodate the rest of your party.
  • We have 14 large round tables that can seat up to 8 or 9 guests comfortably (112 or 126 people).  You may wish to drop the seating to 6 per table (84 people), again your preference.
  • We also have 20 of the 8 foot rectangle tables.  These are great for head tables, display tables, or any use you may have for them.
  • We have 3 of the 6 foot rectangular tables.  Great for drink tables or a self serve open bar table.
  • All our tables are white top tables that are great undecorated or can be beautifully decorated with table cloths and center pieces.

  • Stainless steel counter preparation area.
  • Oven, stove, microwave, sink, large cooler, and full size ice machine.  Please note cooking is not permitted, only reheating food and entrees in the kitchen area.
  • Pass through window to the main hall, make a great service area for beverages or food.
  • Approximately 205 square feet (20.5 feet by 10 feet).

  • Separate women's and men's restrooms.  
  • Both are multi-user.

  • There are three sets of double doors.
  • All must remain unlocked during events for exiting.

  • The hall has wireless internet available.
  • The password will only be given to the host of the event.
  • Great for web browsing, high usage can limit bandwidth and bandwidth is also dependent on peak times.

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